Welcome to DAV College Chandigarh

The D.A.V. College, Chandigarh will continue to serve the high ideals for which it was established.

An Institution like this gives you an opportunity to specialize and diversify, receive and give, assimilate and expand.

The contribution of D.A.V. College, Chandigarh in the promotion of education is praiseworthy and needs all encouragement.

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    Passing on the torch of light

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    DAV Campus

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About College

DAV College Sector-10, Chandigarh was founded in 1958, when the city of Chandigarh was in its infancy. The college has grown with the city, becoming an integral part of the region's socio-cultural milieu.

The college belongs to the family of the famous D.A.V. institutions, founded by Mahatma Hans Raj, and inspired by the great visionary-Swami Dayanand Saraswati-the doyen of the Arya Samaj who believed that, "True education consists in promoting knowledge, civilized manners, virtuous character, self-control and other moral qualities and in dispelling ignorance".

He had always felt that the scientific knowledge of the west needs to be absorbed in the cultural milieu of India. The D.A.V. movement, which started in 1886, gives a practical shape to the ideals of Swami Dayanand's educational philosophy which aims to develop a modern scientific approach among the students, coupled with an understanding of their roots in the ancient Vedic Culture. The D.A.V. College, Chandigarh is trying to bring about this synthesis by imparting to the students the best of new world humanistic, scientific and technical knowledge with the sense of history of their rich cultural heritage-the Anglo and Vedic values. We work to achieve these broad objectives.

Principal's Message

Principal's Message

DAV College Chandigarh is a premier institution of North India. Students from all parts of the country and abroad vie with one another to find a seat in this institution. During more than fifty years of its existence we have produced great academicians, administrators and sports persons of international repute.

This college works on the principles of Arya Samaj and inculcates in the young minds ethical and moral values. We have established high standards of excellence. Our students have achieved 100% results in the Panjab University examinations. I am sure when you join this college you will become a part of this glorious tradition of growth and excellence.
---God Bless You !

------------ Dr. B C Josan(Principal)

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